[ASMR] H2n Sound Test

Nightmarecatcher17 ASMR
Published 7 years ago

I apologise for all the cuts in this video, I did 5 different takes of this but something seems to go wrong everytime :/ Anyhow, this is just a simple sound test with the raw sounds including 10 short common triggers.

Trigger list:
Tapping and Scratching
Sticky Sounds
Brushing of H2n
Brushing of Hair
Flipping Pages
Blowing onto H2n
Unintelligible Whisper
Mouth sounds (Omnomnom)
Sksk and Tktk

Yes I made that first item for a friend haha....Anyway, do tell me what you think in the comments :)


Sound Test H2N asmr tapping crinkling brushing sticky fingers blowing unintellligible mouthsounds

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