ASMR ✦ My First Role Play ✦ Dramatic Conspiracy ✦ CERN Prisoner ✦ Soft Spoken ✦

Published 5 years ago

✦ ASMR ✦ I'm the 👑 Princess of Zodia 👑 Stuck in a prison that ♆ CERN ♆ built for me. I need your help to save all of my kind 👽 and yours from complete and total 💀 destruction 💀 Heed me or death is imminent. ☠☠☠ The end is nigh! ✦ My very first soft spoken dramatic conspiracy ASMR role play! ✦ Some of the mentions are facts, however this is just role play. Goodness, if CERN were to really have destroyed reality, we'd all be dead by now, right?...Right?!! Also, fwiw, Zodia is not least, not that I'm aware of. ✦

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Be sure to link back to and credit DreamsiclesASMR

Props to Stephanie Fernandez for inspiration. One could only dream of having that much patience. I did what I could with what tools I had, but I don't think I could ever dream of being as awesome as she is at makeup.

☾⋆*⭐✭🌟❇Cosmic ASMR for those that desire an interstellar experience❇🌟✭⭐*⋆☽


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