Hand Massage ASMR Mouth Sounds Ear to Ear Soft Spoken Intense Triggers by FOAM Play

Kasha ASMR
Published 3 years ago

Welcome to Hand Massage ASMR Mouth Sounds Ear to Ear Soft Spoken Intense Triggers by FOAM Play. You can see a lot of triggers up here and between them Ear to Ear whispers ,eating sounds , hand massage ,Binaural and soft spoken voice and in the same time some ASMR mouth sounds and scratching.

1:22 Tapping

3:03 Hand massage Ear to ear sounds

4:05 Hand Massage Asmr triggers

9:43 Mouth sounds

10:54 asmr eating sounds

14:14 Gloves scratching binaural

16:15 eating sounds ear to ear

19:45 Wow trigger - Guess what is it?:)

20:22 Messy foam ASMR

Hope you enjoyed my ASMR Ear to Ear whispers Binaural mouth sounds and eating video. Bellow few other information about myself and my channel

ASMR - what is it? - you can find more about it on this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response
ASMR - my videos are done to help people as much as posibble to have good sleep , relax , comforting , and get stress aid and relief
ASMR - my videos are done now with my yeti microphone it is not fully binaural yet but at least give a chance for stereo sound and Ear to Ear triggers
ASMR -my videos are done with my DSL 750 Cannon Camera in Full HD and i hope by that you will as well enjoy the quality and have a good relief by watching it

Get more familiar with me and participate in my ASMR journey

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Thank you
Kasha Asmr


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