Binaural Birds of a Feather! Bird and Squirrel ASMR Sounds, Flapping Wings, and Crunching Seeds

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 6 years ago

Hello everyone! Ever wonder what it would sound like if a bird flapped its wings in your ears? Or if a squirrel cutely crunched in your ears? Well wonder no more, the time has come! In this prerecorded ASMR vid, you will hear binaural birds (or "smol birbs" as Holly Conrad would say), squirrels, wind, planes, and cars. Do you know hard it is to sync up audio of birds when you forget to clap? Not hard at all, cause a crow screamed into my mic for 4 mins -___-. Don't worry, I cut that out. There is a bag over the mic cause I was scared the birds would poop on it. Happy Viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
Squirrel eating seeds: 0:00-15:07
Assorted Birds: 15:08-27:20

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Microphone I used in this video: Free Space Pro II - Binaural Microphone


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