🌿ASMR🌿 Unintentional-style #5 — Messy Apartment Tour & More — LoFi Clips / Vignettes / Vlogs

Remme ASMR
Published 1 month ago

FAQ (Foggily Answered Questions):

Did I have to do a ton of ADR after Adobe Premiere Rush deleted random segments of my original audio?


Do I think it’s funny that the blush filter popped on right when I was trying to make a more serious point about social media?


Did I mean ‘tornado,’ not ‘torpedo’?


Did I mean ‘safety razor,’ not ‘straight razor’?


Did I mean ‘hand-me-down,’ not ‘secondhand’?


Have I caught all the goofs?

…Probably not!

Am I probably asleep at this very moment?

…God, yes!!!

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