ASMR 💛✨Friend Chaotically Gets You Ready 🤭✨(MOUTH SOUNDS, NAIL CLICKS, MAKEUP♡✨)

Batala's ASMR
Published 2 weeks ago

how did y'all feel about the superbowl halftime show? ✨

hey buttercups, 🌼 i made a new shorts channel 😁: ✨ if you like short, quick, fun and tingly videos.. you know where to go!
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thank you so much for coming to relax with me. my goal is to make you feel good, laugh and simply make your day better 🌺 hugs! XO✨

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~oh? what am i doing? giving you the best tingles everrrr 🤤. while you're here... remember, you are loved...💕 this is a safe space for all of us. always continue to spread love ♡ xo✨


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