ASMR ~ Gloves & Shaving Cream Sounds 30 mins (squishy sounds only)

Published 1 year ago
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Hey RoseBuds!!! I hope you guys are having an amazing day!
I made a video with just glove and shaving cream sounds, its very simple, relaxing, and noticed anything different with the way its filmed?
Thats because i filmed with my phone instead for a change!! I really enjoyed it, it was nice not worrying about it dying or stopping on me or going out of focus like my camera does hahaha, the only thing that i had to worry about or cut out of the video was my terrible stomach growling randomly!!! hahaha.

but yeah I was up late (so if i look tired, its because i was) i was filming a custom and I had sOOO much shaving cream left that i decided to make this one so the shaving cream would be used more!
so i hope you enjoy these sounds and this video loops three times so you have 30 minutes of this!

hope u enjoy, i will be going back to edit more!! I will be editing my very FIRST VLOG and i will be editing a COLLAB that i am doing with Grapes Leaf ASMR!! YAY!!!!


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