Week In Review - Sci-Fi Update, Young Turks Response, & 1st Contest (CLOSED)! ASMR - Softly Spoken

Published 9 years ago

Hiya, fellow Tingleheads! In this Week In Review, I give you a brief update on my ASMR Sci-fi series, share my thoughts on the Young Turks' controversial ASMR feature, and announce my very first contest! Also, I will be sharing with you my ASMR Video Pick of the Week :D

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Link to ASMR Research Study Info on reddit: http://bit.ly/ASMR_Research_Study

Link to the full Young Turks Feature Video on Youtube: http://bit.ly/The_Young_Turks_Feature

Full Contest Rules:

1. Entries must be in the form of a video response, written or verbal, to THIS VIDEO. For full instructions on how to create a video response, click here: http://youtu.be/BIGybtdL24A?t=16m42s
2. Entries must be titled "ASMRrequests Contest: What ASMR Means to Me".
3. Entries do not have to be "trigger" videos.
4. Entries utilizing copyrighted material will not be accepted.
5. 3 winners will be chosen at random
6. Prize will be a promotion or shout-out of the winners' choice by Ally
7. Acceptable shout-outs include: bands, products, business/service, website, YouTube channel or video, certain charities, etc.
8. Shout-outs will NOT contain: obscenities, hate speech, pornographic material, or religious or political material [this is simply because I am not comfortable affiliating my channel with any one religious/political group in particular -- this channel is for everyone!]. Just to be on the safe side, I do reserve the right to refuse promotion at any time at my discretion. Kay? :D
9. Contest will end and winners will be announced on 3/15/13.

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Common triggers included:

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