Happy *Belated* ASMR Day! Departure Ep. 2 Sneak Peek Sci-Fi, Long Trigger Vid, & Contest Shout-Outs

Published 7 years ago

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Happy *Belated* International ASMR Day, my fellow darling Tingleheads! In this video, I share with you a quick clip of Episode 2 of my Sci-Fi series, Departure, in which I got to collaborate with another ASMRtist! Then I perform a long ASMR trigger scene while sharing a little bit of personal history with you. Some of the triggers include soft speaking, soft brushing, and mindful tapping. I also give shout-outs on behalf of the three winners of my "What Does ASMR Mean to You?" Contest. Enjoy!! Oh, and if you want to add me, here are my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/asmrrequests & instagram: http://instagram.com/asmrrequests

Links mentioned in this video:

Original Contest Challenge Video On YouTube: http://bit.ly/OriginalContestChallengeVideo

Contest Results Video on YouTube:

WhisperMister1's "Spending Some Time in the Garden" Video on YouTube: http://bit.ly/WhisperMister1Garden

StandUp2Cancer's website:

WhisperMister1's Youtube Channel:

SouthernBelleWhisper's Youtube Channel:

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Common triggers included in this video: soft spoken, whispering, brushing, tapping

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