ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles

Published 1 year ago

[TIME STAMPS BELOW ] In this ASMR for people who can't get tingles, I'm playing with echo, high sensitivity, patterns, and different speeds to help you feel those tinglessss (or just relax) :D ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles playlist here 👉
0:00 preview/samples
2:19 flower brush
5:51 flower brush + ridged plastic
6:46 ridged plastic only
7:51piece of fabric
10:06 mascara pumping
11:42 hand sounds at high sensitivity
14:17 masking tape
17:25 blue metal water bottle
19:10 little plastic thingy at high sensitivity
20:59 whispering + flower brush
22:03 hand sounds whispering

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