The Top 10 Triggers for ASMR + Sleep

Published 4 years ago

Hello everybody! I am such a fan of trigger compilations -- I wanted to do my own. Here are the triggers I see most frequently done and requested around the ASMR community! Which is your favorite, and what should I include in a sequel!? (I just realized I forgot finger fluttering! ARGH!)

1:00 Tapping on Objects
10:06 Scratching on Objects
17:13 Extreme Close Up Whispering (Semi-Unintelligible) (Ear-to-Ear)
20:30 Makeup Brushing (Face + Ears)
25:00 Water/Liquid + Spraying Sounds
28:30 Crinkling Objects
32:56 Writing on Paper with Different Utensils
43:40 Flashlight/Follow the Light
46:48 Face Touching/Hand Movements
50:39 Hair Brushing

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