ASMR Reiki Nerve Relaxation and Stress Elimination With Russian And English Whispering

Damsel Dasha ASMR
Published 1 year ago

Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a beautiful day today and I hope you are ready for another reiki session. I hope you all understand that you are all in a very safe place and you are very loved here as well as everywhere else in your life. I am here to make reiki as relaxing as possible and to give out as much energy as I can to everybody who wishes to receive it. If you are here and you are new, I hope you enjoy my channel and I hope you enjoy all of the reiki sessions that I provide.
My goal for this channel is to provide as much energy to go around as I possibly can , just so we all can go into a better state of mind. I feel a reiki can help you and everybody else in the world even just if it helps for 30 minutes. I hope I can help you achieve at least a little bit of relaxation and if I can please let me know because I really do wish to do as good as I possibly can for everybody that watches my videos. Thank you again , much love and light.
Namaste, Dasha

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Again I just want to say God bless you all and I hope we can get the energy and power of Reiki out to everyone in the world. One step at a time, we will become healed , stress free and most importantly, happy . ❤
Namaste , Dasha 😊


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