We Belong in Nature (Civilization is Cancer)

Ephemeral Rift
Published 4 years ago

I share some of my thoughts on what I strongly believe is the objective truth: that our species should be living in nature the way it and evolution designed and meant for us to live, and that at some point we need to leave cancerous civilization behind (which is probably doing us and all life on the planet more harm than good) and return to a more natural, primitive lifestyle if we are to obtain true freedom, happiness, strong family units and social bonds, and perhaps more importantly: power and control over how we live out our lives.

There are volumes to talk about when it comes to how we go about existing on this planet. In this video I've tried to cover some of the more apparent and obvious points such as the pros and cons of civilization vs a primitive lifestyle when it comes to food, family, shelter, taking care of our elders, and living in the elements.

There are so many angles and facets to this discussion that I didn't have time to go over all of them much less think about them all, such as air pollution, landfills, the political and moral aspects such as crime, etc., so I may revisit this video theme and/or its various related topics in some form in the future.

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