ASMR Fast and Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam - Roleplay for Sleep

Starling ASMR
Published 8 months ago

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In this ASMR Fast and Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam Doctor Roleplay you will find lots of Fast Eye, Face, Cranial Nerve and Ear Exams triggers.
This Fast Asmr Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay for Sleep will display the best fast asmr cranial nerve exam triggers!
If you need a fast Cranial nerve exam for real, make sure you seek a real doctor, because if you follow my fast asmr cranial nerve exam, I will end up in Jail for like 20 gazillion years, and you will probably end up in a very elegant casket, with a not so elegant epitaph on your tombstone.
Please enjoy this fast asmr cranial nerve exam for sleep!

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00:00 Preview
00:30 Face Touching
01:05 Finger Cranial Orbital Exams
02:25 Light trigger / closed eye
02:47 Nose and Waving Hand
03:12 Muscles check and Massage
04:14 Light Trigger Through Hand
04:53 Starling's Moving Flower
05:53 Starling's Blink Blink Blink
06:14 Sponge or Fingers?
07:09 Palm and Face Touching
07:49 Olfactory Test
08:51 Sharp or Fluffy Test
10:09 Tuning Fork
11:12 Light Trigger
12:00 Face Sensitivity Test
12:18 Side Vision Test
13:41 In Ear Numbers Whispering
14:30 Letters Card Vision Test
15:42 Writing On My Palm
17:13 Focus on Approaching Hands
18:00 Starling's Click Click Click Test
18:39 Dark Room Tests

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