ASMR - INTENSE and DIFFERENT MouthSOUNDS! The ultimate BRAIN experience!!

Pelagea ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Oh my GOD! I edited this video for DAYS! Endless hours over hours! I can't believe it's finished now! It took me an half eternity!!! I wanted to try something new but I would have never guessed how much WORK it takes to make a mouth sounds video!! My respect to everyone who does it regulary! I've just finished it and I'm flashed right now! :DDD
But I really do hope you'll like it! I know mouth sounds are controvers and I don't want to offend someone when I upload this! And if I did I'm sorry! But it was requested und I really wanted to try it myself! And now I know how much work it takes to make it sound good! All those layered sound almost killed me while putting all of this together! :DDD

I'd be very happy to get your support for a recording studio on my Patreon! And the next PHOTO EDITION is coming soon ♥
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