ASMR Pop Rocks Gum Chewing . Ear to Ear . Whispering . Binaural

The ASMR Circus
Published 6 years ago

Probably the most obnoxious ASMR video I've ever made. xD
I'll record a new one as soon as I got more Magic Gum. Also for some reason the intro disappeared, I have no idea what happened. XD

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binaural asmr relaxing insomnia soft spoken whispering trigger tingles scratching tapping girl female intentional paper sounds hair brushing mic brushing camera brushing crinkling crinkles whispers accent european accent german accent personal attention asmrcircus harley roleplay Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response gum chewing poprocks pop rocks fizzing crackling bubblegum ear to ear stereo Binaural Recording

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