ASMR Prickly šŸŒµCactusšŸŒµ Sounds for Tingles

Bright Grey ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Todayā€™s jam-packed ASMR sound assortment features cactus spine scratching and stroking, soft speaking, some unconventional rhythmic tapping using staplers, jewellery sounds, and sticky notes, all in the quest to trigger your ASMR and lull you into a big olā€™ soupy puddle of relaxation.

I had a lot of fun with the cactus tapping - itā€™s not as sharp as it looks! I was also pleasantly surprised by the clicking metal tapping that the staplers provided. Iā€™d love to bring them back, so let me know if they did anything for ya. Take care on your travels! Donā€™t forget to stay hydrated!


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