3D ASMR ♥ Binaural Dummy Head: Triggers All around You

Published 6 years ago

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In this video I am taking full advantage of my 3D mic and the dummy head I record with: I go left, right, back, front, top, bottom and all around your head. These are the triggers:
0:00 pill bottle (my fave :D)
5:00 candy wrapper (deep crinkles)
9:47 clickety clackety plastic sounds
14:47 travel toothbrush
19:23 little plastic case
24:33 cardboard & plastic box of chocolates
30:04 metal ointment tube
34:13 plastic lid (can you guess where it’s from?)

I dimmed the visuals a little and put a “dreamy“ effect over the vid so that you feel like you’re in trance while watching. Hope it helps you relax and fall asleep faster :)

My FAVORITE sounds in this are:
♥ the sticky tapping @6:05
♥ plastic on plastic @12:47
♥ hard plastic lid sounds @18:29
♥ clicking from opening and closing @23:13
♥ scratching sound @26:36 and @28:07
♥ light fast metallic tapping @32:27
♥ sticky sounds @37:32
→ Let me know what your favorite parts are!

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