ASMR/Whisper - Fallout Power Armor Cosplay Progress Update & Showing My Face! :D

ShleeOfTranquility ASMR
Published 8 years ago

HAI GAIS!! :D I am excited to present my latest ASMR/Whisper video. The first 2 minutes are kind of quiet, sorry for the low volume. I show my face a little bit in this one (YAY?!) and show you how my Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor cosplay build is coming along (full of glue and FAILURE hahah). I will also tap and scratch on it because it sounds DELICIOUS :O !! The end of the video is rife with phone tapping for your tingle-inducing enjoyment.

My cat decided it would be funny to make an appearance (11:32) and bang against the microphone - he's a turd. But a lovable, sweet, warm, fuzzy little turd xD (ew?)

LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for helping me hit over 1,100 subs... you rock :*}

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