The Top 55 ASMR Triggers of 2013---A Binaural Triggerfest Of The Year's Best Tingle Tries

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This binaural ASMR video is the result of 5+ hours of filming (till dawn) over 60 triggers (the list of triggers is below) that appeared in my videos over the last year that you guys expressed enjoyment for. I edited this down A TON to try to make it more cohesive. I am sorry I have been MIA---I filmed this right after getting over a bug, and even though I felt good, my face is puffy (illness related...and Ramen salt overdose related). I almost made this whole vid all audio because I felt very self conscious seeing myself while editing, but I didn't want you to miss out on visual triggers---so I am sacrificing my vanity because you guys contributed to one of the best years of my life, and you deserve my best effort. You guys have been on a journey with me (even if you didn't know it) and I can't think of any better people I would like to go into 2014 with. Thank you for everything. Happy New Year, and Happy Viewing!

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5:01-11:35 SKSKS, KSKSKS, Trigger Words (Okay, Good, Perfect, Blink, Clock, etc), Inaudible/Indiscernable Whispering, Kiss Sounds
11:36-14:26 Ear to Ear Breathy Whispers (Saying Happy New Year in Different Languages)
14:33-16:27 Ear to Ear Whispering (Words in Spanish)
16:29-18:19 Blowing in Your Ears
18:34-20:24 Omnomnom You're a Pizza!
20:25-23:58 Scissor Assortment (cutting sounds)
23:59-25:50 Follow The Light
25:51-26:53 Face/Camera Brushing
26:54-28:00 Ear/Microphone Brushing
28:01-29:52 Feather Duster (You're so Dusty
29:53-31:22 Personal Attention (Putting Makeup On You)
31:23-32:57 Ear Massage
32:58-34:14 Ear Covering
34:15-35:48 Anticipatory Triggers
35:49-42:27 Magic 8 Ball
42:29-45:43 Latex Gloves
45:44-49:42 Tiffany & Co Diamond Paperweight
49:43-52:51 Blood Pressure Cuff
52:52-54:48 Skwish
54:49-58:24 Rotary Phone
58:25-1:02:55 Pop Rocks
1:02:56-1:06:53 Leaves in Contact Paper
1:06:54-1:11:56 Laminate Flooring Samples
1:11:57-1:13:43 Guiro (Hollow Gourd Instrument)
1:13:44-1:20:49 Balls (Rubber Volleyball, Bean Bag Ball, Mini Soccer Ball, Sparkly Christmas Ball, Baoding Balls)
1:20:50-1:22:06 Ice Cream Scoop
1:22:07-1:23:17 Squishy Cow
1:23:18-1:24:51 Miniature Clay Pot
1:24:52-1:26:53 Powdered Milk
1:26:54-1:28:59 Giant Garlic Sculpture aka A vase
1:29:00-1:31:24 Hair Horn (Possibly a Calligraphy Brush)
1:31:25-1:33:45 The Stone Butterfly
1:33:46-1:36:38 Makeup Removal Cleansing Cloth Bag
1:36:39-1:39:29 Happy Sad Onion Man
1:39:30-1:41:58 Dental Mouth Model
1:41:59-1:43:45 Vintage Shell Necklace
1:43:46-1:48:26 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards in Plastic Sleeves
1:48:27-1:50:36 Pinpression Toy
1:50:37-1:52:56 Aluminium Coil Insulation Tube Thing
1:52:57-1:55:19 Basket Bottle
1:55:20-1:59:00 Miniature Tea Set
1:59:01-2:02:43 The Gravel Goblet and Candle
2:02:44-2:05:20 Big Shakespeare Book (Page Turning)
2:05:21-2:06:53 Candy Buttons (Candy Button "Remote" :P)
2:06:54-2:11:28 Fossils!
2:11:30-2:13:21 Chalk on a Chalk Board
2:13:22-2:15:29 Yoga Mats
2:15:30-2:18:02 MOFO FLOAM
2:18:03-2:20:06 Tiny Horse and Troll Cat Purring...attempts
2:20:07-End Clock, Pointer, and Counting

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