[ASMR] Azula Roleplay - Avatar the Last Airbender

Published 4 years ago

Sozin's Comet is nearly here, and all of my idiot servants have abandoned me for some reason. I'm looking for a strong, loyal bodyguard that will protect the rising Fire Lord and help thwart the Avatar and his fools who try and stop me. I am, after all, the most beautiful and important person left in this world. Don't tell my father I said that.

Are you wearing contacts??
-Yes! I got them from PinkyParadise.com

Did you make your costume?
-Yes I did, out of craft foam and fabrics. I am wearing two clip in hair pieces for the side bangs, but the rest of my hair is real! My nails are glue-on and SO hard to function in lol!!!

What's that background noise?
-I put a fireplace soundtrack under this whole video to emulate the throne room vibe from the show! I hope you like it. :)

Are there spoilers?
-Yes! But this show has been out for so long. Go watch it.

Do you like Avatar or Korra better?
-I like the characters of ATLA better, and the storyline of Korra better.

Would you do a Naruto/other anime/show roleplay??
-Maybe! It takes a long time to make costumes. I'm currently in the process of building a Bowser (female) cosplay, and I have the costumes for Jessie from Pokemon, and Linda from Bob's Burgers They both have scripts in the works. I also am looking for help making a Mercy cosplay....so there's that :D


(Side note, I am now including this link in all of my videos. I know that ASMR can really aid with anxiety and depression, trust me, I use it myself! But if you ever need someone professional to talk to, this is a free 7 day trial to talk to licensed, real therapists. I have been matched and talking to mine for a few days now and I think it's going pretty well! Take care everyone!

Sleep well, and try not to get banished.


The last ASMR video to put me to sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IEjmEmnDaA&t=235s

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