ASMR Barbershop Haircut #Shorts | Electric Clippers and Scissor Sounds

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Published 4 days ago

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For my regular viewers and subscribers, I'm trying out something new by uploading a teaser #shorts along with the full length video. I'm hoping that by primarily posting these at the same time as the full length version, maybe it won't be annoying that I'm uploading these extra teasers. (Although if they seem to be enjoyable, I may put together some from older videos, or make some that are exclusively for #shorts - we'll see how it goes.)

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ASMR Barbershop Haircut #Shorts | Electric Clippers and Scissor Sounds
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What does ASMR stand for? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

What is ASMR? ASMR meaning? To me, it's a really cool sensation that some of us get in response to some auditory (sound - whispers, tapping, hand sounds) or visual triggers (hand movements, watching someone focus, draw, paint, etc. or personal attention). For some it's a tingling or vibrating feeling often felt in the head, neck, shoulders, and/or back, and can change based on different triggers. It can feel like a brain massage or just a relaxing feeling all over.

Many people use ASMR to sleep. I use ASMR mostly for work - it helps me relax, block out distractions, and focus (usually, sometimes it's a distraction, but at least it's a relaxing distraction!) I've tried to use it for sleep, but I end up actually staying awake because I love to listen to it and can't help but watch. BUT, I hope my ASMR helps those of you who use it for sleep, just as much as it helps someone using it to just relax, zone out, destress, focus, or bring down some anxiety.


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