ASMR: Tingle Island Tour - 100 Triggers in 1 Hour 🏝️💯 | 15 ASMRtists! Collaboration

Misschic ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Hola, I see you're here for your tour of Tingle Island! Well to get there, we have to travel through the Secret Forest and cross the Wavy Sea. Our tour guide, Fleur, will take you on your journey. This is a 100 triggers video (request) with some unusual triggers too. Headphones recommended for binaural tingles. ♥
Triggers in this video: soft spoken roleplay, pen clicking, footsteps, nature sounds, metal scratching, fidget spinner, waves, ice cubes in glass, tissue paper, water, plastic crinkling, hand movements, SK, camera brushing, stippling, slime, squishing, orbeez, floral foam, paper ripping, scissor sounds, eating sweets, face tapping, wii remote clicking, rice in a bowl, mouth sounds, tongue clicking, sugar, pen shuffling, writing, colouring, stirring, soft spoken reading, counting, coin rattling, lid sounds, metal tapping, pill bottle rattling, typing, bottle shaking, mic brushing, mic tapping, paper crinkling, nail polish sounds, kissing, latex gloves, hand & lotion, positive affirmations, face cleaning, fabric smoothing, Sellotape, cork tapping, lid tapping, ear blowing, mic scratching, bristle sounds, hair brushing, lipgloss, lip smacking, fabric cutting, smoothing card, alphabet, rubber scratching, glass scratching, cat petting, purring, eating sounds, buzzing, Velcro, foil crinkling, shaving foam, wind chimes, wood scratching/tapping, zipper, finger fluttering, hair cutting, match lighting, spraying, card shuffling, book tapping, page turning, necklace rolling, bead sounds, pouring, fizzing, shaving, glass tapping, phone tapping, page flipping, tracing, canvas scratching, follow the light, bubble wrap, camera tapping, trigger words, tico, soft singing, whispered reading, unintelligible whispering.

Please remember to check out the channels of all the lovely ASMRtists in the collab. Links below:

00:11 - Introduction - Fleur
03:23 - Jordan ASMR:
04:06 - Misschic ASMR:
07:14 - DukeDoom ASMR:
14:58 - ASMRBree Bop:
18:44 - ASMR Soo:
28:30 - ASMRichard Betancourt:
30:41 - Zyliara ASMR:
40:10 - Our Resting Place:
43:09 - Angels Voice ASMR:
45:35 - ASMRNikki:
49:33 - Ereri ASMR:
49:59 - ASMR Cat Sounds:
51:26 - PoggleDrop ASMR:
54:03 - PhillyGirl_ASMR:
59:49 - MasterMissyASMR :
01:06:09 - Shadowy Whispers:
01:08:19 - End credits

Special thanks to Whispersfromthedale for helping me think of 100 triggers!:

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