ASMR Sleep Stories in the Black Forest: Germanic and Norse Mythology - The Ring of the Nibelung

The French Whisperer ASMR
Published 2 years ago

In this male soft spoken ASMR sleep story, I invite you around a campfire in the Black Forest.
I tell you the story of the Ring of the Nibelung, a cycle of 4 operas by Richard Wagner (the Rhinegold, the Valkyrie, Siegfried and Twilight of the Gods) as a starting point to explore Germanic and Norse mythology, the origins and importance of Germanic Peoples, the creation of national narratives in the 19th Century, the legacy of Wagner, and more.

Wagner links:
- Wedding March from Lohengrin:
- Ride of the Valkyries:
- Tannhauser Overture:
- Prelude from Lohengrin:

Credits: script and narration by the French Whisperer, images by the French Whisperer and under Wikipedia Commons.
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0:00 The Ring of the Nibelung
4:18 (I) The Rhinegold
17:18 Origins of Germanic Peoples
21:33 Historiography of Germanic Peoples
29:00 (II) The Valkyrie
41:54 Historical Sources
47:03 Wagner's bad rep
55:44 The Black Forest
59:36 (III) Siegfried
1:07:18 (IV) Twilight of the Gods
1:18:18 Forest and Campfire Sounds

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