Roman Mythology Sleep Stories: The Aeneid (ASMR)

The French Whisperer ASMR
Published 1 year ago

This soft spoken ASMR video tells the story of the Aeneid and explains its historical and political significance. Join me and we will follow Aeneas on his adventures from Troy that he had to live with his son Ascanius and his father Anchises, under the protection of his mother Venus, to the Latium in Italy where a war had to be fought before Rome could be founded. Aeneas benefits from Venus' protection and Jupiter's benevolence, but hostile deities like Juno will do anything to stop him. On the way, we will visit Thrace, Delos, Crete, Epirus, Sicily, Carthage and its queen, Dido, and even the Underworld.

- The History of Rome in ASMR, from the foundation of Rome to the fall of Byzantium:

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Script and narration by the French Whisperer, visuals by the French Whisperer, under Wikipedia Commons, or under web licence from Panthermedia. Thanks to @Boring Books for Bedtime Podcast for the thumbnail project. Sound effects from the YouTube Audio Library for Creators.

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0:00 The Fall of Troy
11:56 Relax and Get Ready
13:47 Wanderings
19:24 Juno's Wrath
30:38 The Aeneid in Roman Culture and Politics
42:30 Carthage and Queen Dido
52:30 War in Latium
1:01:09 Hand Movement, No Talking
1:07:30 Fireplace Sounds

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