ASMR Top 10 Most Requested Binaural Mouth Made Trigger Sounds

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 6 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: Pop Rocks, SK, Blowing and Breathing in Ears, Kiss Sounds, Thinking Sounds (aka Tongue Clicking), Shhhh, Omnomnom You're a Pizza Sounds, Helicopter Sounds (aka TKTKTK), CHCHCH, TSTSTS, and layered sounds at the end. I have felt terrible about the time in between vids for you guys---we are working REALLY hard on finishing The K3YS---we ran into some trouble uploading it because of some processing issues, but we are working on fixing it every available moment we have (you'll understand when you see it ). This is a big learning experience for us, and we appreciate your patience so much. I made this last night and haven't slept yet so I could render it for you guys today. I hope you like it, and again, I am very sorry for the delay. Happy Viewing---errrrr---Happy Listening!

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My Patreon page for those interested in helping me make the best/most effective content I can:

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For those who need a quick fix:
1:18-9:18 Pop Rocks Extravaganza (all sounds done with Pop Rocks in mouth)
9:19-15:54 Blowing and Breathing in Ears
15:55-21:04 SKSKSK
21:05-24:40 CHCHCHCH
24:41-29:39 Thinking Sounds (aka Tongue Clicking)
29:40-32:03 TSTSTS
32:04-35:00 Shhhhhh Sh Sh SHHHHHH
35:01-37:17 Helicopter Sounds (aka TKTKTKTK)
37:18-40:19 Kiss Sounds
40:20-43:13 Omnomnom You're a Pizza!
43:14-48:50 Layered Sounds

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