Soft Spoken ASMR Extensive Medical History

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Published 3 years ago

Good morning, loves. Today I'm going to be taking an extensive medical history from you. I always found that when I watched ASMR medical roleplays that I enjoyed the questions quite a bit but it is not focused on as a whole.

Now an apology: I noticed that my backdrop started falling in the video, please ignore it. I had no idea it had started to come off until after I finished!

Personal update: my microphone & camera are taking a lot longer than they should have, so I instead ordered a Blue Yeti microphone and am still waiting on my camera. Hopefully I will be able to figure out this high-tech piece of equipment, but expect some better audio in the near future, as I will be able to actually whisper and make better sounds with a microphone that actually picks up softer noises.

And one last thing – while I was going through my mental health history bit, it kind of hit me that I'd been rather familiar with that part of the test. I'd just like to say, to any of my viewers or subscribers or whoever you are, if you have any issues or problems that you just want someone to talk to or listen to, please never be afraid to ask. I would love to lend an ear to anyone who needs it, as I would hope someone who do for me if I needed it.

Special thanks to Articulate Design ASMR for being so kind in his comments on my & his videos and for being an inspiration to give me more ideas on videos. He's a wonderous ASMRtist; check him out sometime, he's got a great voice and talent for it.

Thank you to my viewers, my like-button hitters, & my subscribers.

Thanks for watching!


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