ASMR~32 Minutes Hard Maple Candy~Ear Rubbing~Whispers~Cat Purrs~

Published 2 years ago

*ASMR Midnight Freeze* Aggressive! (and Relaxing ;) 32 minutes of Hard Maple Candy (yummm), Ear Rubbing, Whispers, Cat Purrs, Mouth Sounds, and Some Crinkles. :) Enjoy!!

The benefactor of my Canadian maple candies:

Some videos featuring mouth sounds:
Blowing Big Bubbles, Loud Pops:
Kissing Your Ears:
Tingle Twins Mouth Sounds:
Wet Ear Licking:
Up Close Mouth Sounds:
150 minutes rude omnomnom:
23 Minutes Slow Ear Licking:
72 Minutes Rude Wet Ear Licking:
Other Wet Sounds:
31 Minutes of Sloppy Vaseline:
Other Ear Attention:
33 Min Ear Cup, Breath, Whisper:
30 minutes Ear Massage:
29 Minutes of Lollies & Gloves:
27 Minutes of Ear Nibbles:
71 Minutes Ear Rubbing/Sleep Rambles:

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My Frozen Dreamers deserve the best of ASMR, АСМР, or 音フェチ (depending on where you are from). Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a sort of sensation that is described as pleasant, tingly, and relaxing. It may even help with insomnia! I use Rodes (NT1-A) and a 3Dio in my various videos to help elicit these tingly sensations. Typically I use my 3Dio for my Midnight Freeze videos and my Rodes for the book club readings.

Sweet Dreams!


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