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Not quite ASMR Vlog: Please read description!
The Silver Psyop's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzFdTuMIOY8_LkmQ6gsqYA
~Unboxing, 2000 sub count Q&A, and Updates~ You can listen like ASMR throughout, however things get real in the last portion, and you're warned. I did edit some things out, and there is some repetition.

It's been a rocky last few months. There were some topics I didn't touch on in the updates, and some things I probably shouldn't have. I will not elaborate on some things mentioned in the updates. I removed a *really cool story* that was in there because I looked too upset in telling it. I was a bit upset toward the end, but I was having a bit of breathing issues as well. I edited out a cough and post-cough, my eyes looked pretty watery.

Regarding the Questions & Answers: I honestly did the Q&A two other times and the amount of not completely answering any of the questions was disturbing. If you asked a question or want more details into any questions in the Q&A, please let me know. I think I was more to-the-point with these Q&A questions.

***Contest I forgot to remind you about***
There is an ongoing contest that nobody has participated in yet. It is a "drawing" contest. Turn an images positive/negative space into something else ((ie the outline of a nose could be turned into a fairy, as a very girly example), and email me a png/jpeg: [email protected] The winner will get their choice: gift box, gift, within reason, a custom video (only with props I already have). I had said I will determine the winner when February 1st hits. If I have 1 contestant, that person will win on February 1st. If I have more than 1 contestant, the drawing contest will continue until I have 5 contestants. Early bird gets the worm, or it's a free for all. ;) It doesn't have to be a drawing: can be a painting, sculpture, or anything else 3D you can think of as long as the lines match in one angle. Please ask in the comments if you require any clarification.

Please bear with me as I am nearly completely happy with my 3Dio/Zoom H1 sounds quality (as seen here), though I may begin to use lo-cut. I am *not* happy with the sound quality from the Rodes Nt1-A/H4N Pro, which I will be working through the hiccups of the sound quality, and hopefully will not require a pre-amp for the quality I seek. I know this is so late in the game for me to be worried now about this...-hah!- but hopefully you guys will forgive me this transgression! ^_^ I will be testing new settings starting in released videos in a few days or so. I'm pretty behind because of downstairs noise, cold weather, etc. Apartment and Farm life! (I honestly think a suburban apartment building would generally be 100% quieter during my typical recording hours, but I hate those and their lame carpets too).

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