ASMR NEW Mics & Triggers ❤️ 15 Varied Ear to Ear Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation & Tingles 🎤 4 Mics

Published 5 years ago

ASMR Mic Test 🎤 Various triggers with a little close up whispering ❤️


Sooo, I bought a new set of mics recently and thought we could test them out with a bunch of different triggers, some of which you’ve seen before but a lot of them are new :) I did film some elongated scratching and brushing on the windshields, but it was suuuper intense, so I’m going to try those triggers again in a separate video :P Anyway, please feel free to let me know what you think of this style of video and I hope you enjoy! Lots of love to you and many thanks for watching ~ Magic ✨❤️ xoxo

📍Basic timestamps:

00:01 - 00:50 - Sequin fabric scratching on table

00:51 - 03:51 - Whispering about mics with more fabric scratching

03:52 - 08:42 - Crinkling cotton wool plastic packaging ear to ear

08:43 - 14:21 - Slowly scratching a glass jewelled pillow, with a little tapping

14:22 - 18:49 - Large woven grass pumpkin! Crinkles and scratchy sounds (this is the only part of the video where I used the NTG3 mics alone without the NT1's)

18:50 - 24:05 - PVC shiny fabric. Sticky fingers, squishy crinkles and gentle tapping

24:06 - 30:19 - 2 strawberry gel squishes with orbeez inside. Lots of sticky rolling on the PVC fabric and squishy sounds

30:20 - 35:43 - Silicone peelings from Bob's face, with crunchy stones in. More unusual sticky, crinkly, crunchy sounds

35:44 - 42:26 - Red textured heart light. Deep bassy scratching with some gentle tapping

42:27 - 49:13 - 2 textured cleaning pads. Scratchy fabric sounds

49:14 - 52:42 - Glass oil bottle, sounds of the oil dropper

52:43 - 55:40 - Oil hand massaging sounds

55:41 - 1:06:31 - Glitter filled vinyl notebook. Gentle tapping, crunching the glitter inside and some page/paper sounds

1:06:32 - 1:12:47 - Shell beaded handbag. Fabric crinkle sounds and scratching on the beads

1:12:48 - 1:18:09 - Holographic cardboard fan decoration. Textured scratching/tapping

1:18:10 - 1:26:12 - Soft ear to ear whispering and fluffy fabric stroking

1:26:13 - End - Fluffy fabric massage

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