ASMR 10 Different Tapping Tingle Triggers . Soft-Spoken

The ASMR Circus
Published 8 years ago

I was actually going to get rid of this video because the camera decided to focus on Ms Quinn the whole time instead of the items I am showing, but I really liked the sounds and it's ~30 minutes long so I figured some of you might still enjoy listening to it in the background while doing other stuff. ♥

Timestamps Of The Different Trigger Items:

0:31 Hand Lotion Plastic Tube
3:15 Tea Light Glass Jar
6:50 Cardboard Packaging
9:44 Calculator
12:35 Perfume Bottle
15:23 Pack of Tissues
17:32 Metal Soap Dispenser
19:40 The Zombie Survival Guide
22:33 Heavy Glass Deco Item
25:10 Plastic Spray Bottle

What is ASMR?


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