💖ASMR TINGLES Announcement Video!💖

Ocean Heart
Published 3 years ago

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Hello dearest ones!

I'm so excited to reveal that I'm partnering with an amazing ASMR app called TINGLES! The app is re-released with the option to support artists and I'm grateful to join them! They really care about our community and thought of everything we need as ASMR lovers! Please check them out and download for free! There are so many amazing benefits whether you choose to support me or not! I love the beautiful community that's created and that I can focus on making more personalized/exclusive content for those of you who really love and inspire me to continue making ASMR videos!


Advantages of Tingles:
play videos in the background or with your screen turned off
set a sleep timer
get notifications when there are new videos available
support artists with one tap
supporters get exclusive videos or early access to new videos
supporters can download videos for offline viewing
supporters get artist wallpapers, ringtones, custom app icons (oops I said Ad icons in the video!) and other rewards for fans
supporters watch without ads
available for free on both iOS and Android


Thank you for watching this announcement video! I love you all so much!

Love, Danielle


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