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Soothing Sensations ASMR
Published 4 years ago

** Warning ** The following video contains tingly pleasure. Only suitable for those looking for soothing sensations and wearing headphones!

Love is in the air with a mood for collaboration. Seafoam Kitten and I have brought you a valentines video with a pinch of love.

Please check out SeaFoam's channel -

❤️ Soothing's Gifts ❤️
Foam flower 00:20
Book tapping & flipping 05:51
Crunchy candy eating 09:48
Massage bar tapping 17:10
Drink pouring 23:31

❤️ Seafoam's Gifts ❤️
Pillow fabric scratching 26:02
Heart erasers tapping 28:46
Crinkly rhinestones 33:32
Pop Rocks eating 36:52
Crinkly Stickers 44:10

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