ASMR SOFT SPEAKING: Making Bubble Tea Slime! 🍹🍊 | No Borax | + Binaural Tapping

Misschic ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Hola my Tingle Stars, I thought I'd try to make something with a bowl of orbeez! In this video I make 3 slimes & assemble them together to make some bubble/boba tea slime.
Shoutout to one of my students, who gave me the non-borax slime recipe. Muchas gracias!
Headphones recommended for ear-to-ear tingles.

If you like slime sounds - be sure to check out my No Talking Slime video (coming soon!)

My last video:

00:13 - Introduction + tapping & crinkling
04:11 - Slime making + tapping & stirring
06:59 - Mixing orange paint + tapping & slime poking
10:28 - Mixing glitter + tapping & slime poking
12:53 - Orbeez slime kneading + some glass tapping
15:00 - Orbeez slime poking + some bead shaking
16:00 - Assembling the bubble tea slime + tapping
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