Do you need me to DRAW you a Picture? [ASMR Muzz]

Published 4 years ago

Let me draw you a picture, ok? I've been wanting to make this video for months, so this is my first attempt at a drawing style ASMR video, where I just go ahead and make something up with a simple pen and paper and see what happens, kinda like a less talented and unplanned Scottish Bob Ross.

Spoiler Alert, I always draw SPACESHIPS! :-P

I also shouted out some of my pals at other ASMR channels with less than 1K subscribers. Here's the links.

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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a name given to a sensation that many people have experienced either through direct stimulation or by accident. I describe it as a relaxing and mellow sensation that manifests itself as a tingling feeling in the head.

ASMR is brought on by various triggers, usually audible (whispering, crinkling sounds, tapping on various surfaces and textures) but also visual (unboxing videos, slowly describing in detail the aspects of something that in real life would be considered mundane and boring.

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