ASMR Assorted Triggers | Whispering, Gum Chewing, Gloves, et cetera!

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Published 4 years ago

Long time no see, my loves! My life has been ridiculously busy lately & will be working overtime at my job here soon, but lemme tell you guys – this has been a fantastic year so far, so let's keep the momentum going!

In this video, I pulled together whatever I had immediately on hand and just did the most impromptu video known to this channel. I'm pretty disappointed in that the audio is not a real good “ear to ear” sound, but there isn't much to be helped with that.

Triggers in this video include: whispering, inaudible/unintelligible whispering, gum chewing, gloves, crinkling, finger fluttering, some hand movement kind of deals, water and spray sounds, and much more!

As my job has super picked up with the workload, I'll be working a LOT more for a while and probably will not be as regular in uploads as I used to be. But fear not! I will still try to have at least one video up per week. More updates will probably go on Twitter, if you so desire to know what's up.

Requests: I do not do requests, however, that doesn't mean that I don't get inspired by suggestions!
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