Not ASMR: Horrible SlideShow Video/September Teaser

Published 3 years ago

**Unfortunately, I've had to put all my videos on private to avoid another community strike and the taking down of my channel. YouTube has been striking me for old videos. I am in the process of working with them now to appeal and restore everything. Sorry for that! New content is still coming!**Hello, everyone! Please enjoy this horribly bad, silent power point/info video. :D I know it has been FOREVER, but after moving, work craziness, YouTube STRIKES and health setbacks, MISS M IS BACK! New comedic videos coming soon along with ASMR regular and non comedic videos. Hoping to have the first new video posted this weekend (Miss M as TSA Agent).

Thank you if you are still with me, and new boob and lemur shenanigans on the way!!

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