Raw Tingles: Shaving Cream, Goozerk, Gelcap Vitamins - Binaural ASMR - Soft Spoken, Foamy, Tapping

Published 7 years ago

Hey, friends and fellow Tingleheads! I love shaving cream sounds, so for this Raw Tingles I decided to experiment and wrap the fake ears on my binaural microphone with plastic wrap and then spread shaving cream all over them to see what kind of foamy sounds I could achieve. The two other trigger items I have in this video are Goozerk (a kids' slime toy) and an assortment of gelcap vitamins. So sit back, relax, and, hopefully, tingle out! :)

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Linked video sections:

1.) Ear to Ear Shaving Cream: 6:48
2.) Goozerk: 18:34
3.) Gelcap Vitamins: 34:41

Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, tapping, ear to ear

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