Multi-Layered Trigger Explosion [ASMR] (Mouth-Sounds, Fidget Toys, Tapping, Crinkling and more!)

Published 4 years ago

Hey, hello, hi! Welcome back my friends!
Here comes a late video. Took more time to do than expected, which explains the two different shirts worn in the video... School is keeping me far from sane, but with the summer on our doorstep I hope to find myself a schedule to follow concerning uploads.

Anyhow, sleep well!

01:44 - Mouth-Sounds (ft. Siri the Chihuahua)
05:22 - Tangle Toys
08:44 - Plastic & Paper Crinkles
11:57 - Tapping (glass, dice, velvet, fake leather)
12:54 - Fidget Spinner & Fidget Cube
16:06 - Squishy Sounds
19:17 - Water Sounds

My name is Emma, a 19-year-old creator from the north of Sweden.
This channel primarily focus on ASMR, or "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", a reaction one can have to certain sounds and relaxation. For more information I recommend looking it up on Wikipedia, or just watch and see for yourself! If you are already interested in the topic at hand, I strive to make all sorts of ASMR videos, but perhaps with a bit more focus on the nerdy side of things and just being me (an obessive WoW player and DnD enthusiast). Don't be an elusive watcher - join our little community today!


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