ASMR Soft Speaking - Methods for Self Defense

Yvette ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Advisory - This topic may be a trigger for PTSD for those who have experience with the subject of assault or abuse.

Please know this video stems from good intentions and a means to coach and possibly educate anyone with some basic methods of self defense. I am not a professional in psychology or physical training, and I encourage anyone to seek out other methods to protect themselves.

I had created this video several months ago as a private request, having some personal connection with the topic, I have had some counseling and instructions that were handed down to me with many of these points. This video was intended to be a sort of mantra - a meditation - that one can calmly absorb while in a safe space, and subconsciously be a little more aware of their potential reactions.

In the methods I was taught - it is important to remember you do have some control. You have choice in your actions. You have options to avoid, options to deescalate and options to confront when you have to.

I had not made this video public because I was afraid of the reception it might have. Of those that have watched or been in communication with regarding the topic, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I feel it is better to be out there than not be.

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