SUB[Japanese ASMR/音フェチ] 琥珀糖とぽてちを食べる音+雑談♪ Kohakutou & potato chips Eating Sounds & Whisper!

ASMR BlueKatie
Published 1 year ago

WARNING! Eating sounds!! I'm terribly sorry if my eating sounds cause you displeasure :( It's my first time making eating videos so I'm super bad at it 😭

ご視聴ありがとうございます!この前ツイッターで載せた自作の琥珀糖食べてみました♪ それと味に飽きちゃったんでぽてちも食べました。(笑)

Thank you for watching !!Today I ate Kohakutou which I posted picture of earlier on Twitter♪ I got kinda bored of the taste so I ate potato chips aswell haha


In the next video I want to make a Q&A video so if you have any questions, please comment down below or on my twitter account !! Thank you!!
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