FutureCalm: Finding Relaxation in Futurology - Binaural ASMR

Published 7 years ago

Hello my friends, fellow Tingleheads, and futurists! This is an idea I wanted to try out and see what you all think. I've recently found that in times of stress and anxiety, news stories about the strides we're making toward a better future through technology, medicine, and social awareness give me a very relieving sense of hope. So this is a potentially new series designed to share the developments we're making as a species with you in a calming, tingly way. I hope these stories provide for you the same sense of calm they do for me. Enjoy :)

Story Links:
Nanotech Skylight Story: http://goo.gl/VDpRh8
Editing DNA Story: http://goo.gl/x74jMJ
Less Lethal Bullets Story: http://goo.gl/gHX6qu
Detecting Cancer with Smartphones Story: http://goo.gl/DrHYg6

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Common triggers included: soft speaking / soft spoken, whispering, ear to ear

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