FutureCalm: Vertical City in the Desert, Amazing Vaccine, & Underwater Crops - Binaural ASMR

Published 6 years ago

Hello, my fellow Tingleheads, and welcome to my second installment of FutureCalm, where we find relaxation in futurology! This installment of FutureCalm features soft brushing of the camera lens and microphone. I'm sorry for the recent dip in my content output as of late, but I've been putting a lot of time into a SUPER exciting new ASMR role play that I very much hope you'll enjoy. It's very close to being finished, and I can't wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy tonight's FutureCalm! Below are timestamps for each story I share:

0:40 Intro/What is FutureCalm?
3:38 Cuba's lung cancer vaccine to be made available in the US
7:17 Architecture company plans to build a vertical city in the Sahara Desert
11:27 Growing food in underwater greenhouses

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Common triggers included: Soft-spoken, whisper, ear-to-ear, face brushing, lens brushing, mic brushing, ear brushing, 3D sound

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