Native American Flute music & Relaxing Nature Scene #3

Ephemeral Rift
Published 9 years ago

This video is not what I intended to do that day, even though I brought my flutes with me. I set out to record another trickling stream video, but the water level / basin was so low, there were no babbling brooks to be found, except for this downhill part of the stream, which I may visit and record another time.

Given the fact that this was recorded on 9/1/2012, I decided to give the video a suitable title. Summer is once again at an end, with fall right around the corner, and winter soon to follow. But it won't be long again until all is renewed and reborn in Spring.

The flutes used in this video are, first a Bm (B-minor), followed by a Dm (D-minor) and then my favorite the F# (F-sharp). All were crafted by Butch Hall, who I would highly recommend purcashing from, though there are many great courting flute artisans out there, you really can't go wrong.




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