Native American Flute music & Relaxing Nature Scene #2

Ephemeral Rift
Published 8 years ago

"Moon When Horns Are Broken Off" is the name given to the November moon by the Native American Dakota Sioux Indians, referring to the time when deer and moose begin to shed their antlers.

This is the same moon that our ancestors, no matter whether they were Native American, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, etc.. saw when they looked up in the sky. Hoepfully generations to come will be able to do the same. And it's the same moon that all of us are able to witness in this moment in time.

The video footage was captured during the evening on 11/11/11. I then added an improv home recording of my Native American Flute in D minor which starts at around 0:12 and F# from about 2:23 to 4:21, followed by D minor again at the end.

I then added Creative Commons nature sounds from as follows:

Early Spring night ambience by markb

Wolf Howl by Gorgoroth 6669

Quiet autumn night ambience by sagetytle

Scop Owls (Otus scops) by dobroid

Crickets, Nightjar, Bat at dusk by dobroide

Bats hunting for insects by digifishmusic

Nightingale with birds and owls by klankschap

Tawny Owls by Benboncan

You can read more about this video at my website:



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