LiveASMR #8(B) Lost In Space 👽 Sober Edition - (lo-fi, mid-fi, hi-fi) - Meet An Alien?

Published 4 years ago

Midnight Freeze Live (with a crappy Camera)
👽Will You Meet An Alien?👽:
🚀Space Cadet🚀 Edition! Echo Chamber, Friday The 13th style, cave, spoopy, relaxing, scary, etc.
^_^ Rode NT1-A and mixer used. Not binaural, but definitely ear-to-ear and stereo.

My bathroom/Recording Room are both out of commission right now, so I have been doing these live streams. Please have patience with any outstanding requests! Please. :)

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My Frozen Dreamers deserve the best of ASMR, АСМР, AVRIC, or 音フェチ (depending on where you are from). Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a sort of sensation that is described as pleasant, tingly, and relaxing. It may even help with insomnia! I use Rodes (NT1-A) and a 3Dio in my various videos to help elicit these tingly sensations. Typically I use my 3Dio for my Midnight Freeze videos and my Rodes for the book club readings.

I use 1 Rode and a Behringer Xenyx something something (mixer) for live streams.

Sweet Dreams!


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