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Published 4 years ago

Rarity sits down to write an invitation for someone that’s very dear to her. That someone happens to be you…

The long awaited Rarity episode is nearly upon us, so if you want to pledge to our Patreon to get a customized version (in which she will refer to you by name) you’re going to have to ready your pledge before we release the episode.

Rarity is portrayed by none other than the outstanding Emogak of Nightfalls studios.

Triggers include: Fabric cutting, soft whispering, hair washing and brushing.

Wait...I thought Celestia was next in line? Has it been canceled?!

Nope! We’re still working on that one as well and it will be released later this year. It will be the episode following right after Rarity.

Can I still have a custom version made later if I can’t pledge right now?

At the moment that is not possible.

I’m not interested in a custom version of this particular episode.
Can I cancel my pledge and then come back for a different episode?

Yes, although the number of available slots are limited. As of now we have room for 28 more and that could shrink rapidly.

Thank you all for your patience and support.



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