ASMR Lids and Caps Assortment - Soooo Many Tingles!

Published 4 years ago

Hey! I'm personally really into lids and cap sounds lately, so I wanted to make another lid and cap sounds for you all. I have chosen 5 different objects that have a distinct (and nice, of course) lid sound; the contents are triggering as well. So, let's sit back and enjoy!
→ More lid sounds video:

Time stamps:
00:00 - Soft spoken introduction + demos
05:22 - Spray bottle, water shaking, plastic cap sounds
09:17 - Glass bottle of pills
13:20 - Glass dropper
16:57 - Metal lipstick cap
20:56 - Metal lid against glass jar (my fav!!)

The glass jar makes my favorite lid sound. How do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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