ASMR Binaural Sound Slice: Alphabet Sounds for Tingles, Relaxation, and Sleep

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Since SK is so well received, I wanted to try other alphabet sounds---so this ASMR video features a ton of ear to ear action with different sounds (including a little SKSKSK) made by letters and by combining letters. If I were to predict if one sound worked, I would put my money on "TS"---but you'll have to let me know if anything worked for you. There is whispering, soft speaking, and some lip smacking. I have no idea if it will trigger you, but I hope it will. I was supposed to have a role play out today, but I became ill this weekend, and it suuuuuuuuucks. I didn't want to go 7 days without putting out a video---I have never done that, not even when I was away from my surgery, so I filmed this in the hopes it would be effective for you and hold you over until I can film my role play again. Happy Viewing!
PS. Sometimes you can hear me moving---I was sitting on a pillow. :P

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