***ASMR*** Malkavian Vampire Roleplay (White Wolf's World of Darkness inspired!)

IndigoStars ASMR
Published 8 years ago

So, this is probably quite a bit different than your regular role play.
I had been thinking about doing a vampire inspired role play for a while since it's one of my favorite theme's.

When I went all out with the makeup, this kinda happened.

I really hope it isn't too creepy.. If it's not your cup of tea feel free to skip this one!

If you're not familiar with the stuff that's up in the title.. The World of Darkness is a fictional universe (read up on it! It's hella cool) which is similar to our own, only with a lot more creepy things lurking about at night.

Check out Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines if you liked this, you'll love it! It's a very deep role play experience.

Thank you SO much for watching if you do, and I'd loveeee feedback on this video. Specially since it's so out there!.

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